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Certified Learning Professional

The L&D Industry’s Master Benchmark

What is a Certified Learning Professional (CLP)

The Certified Learning Professional (CLP) is the master professional benchmark within the learning and development industry. It's what sets highly skilled facilitators and trainers apart in our profession.

Certified Learning Professional (CLP) Alumni have demonstrated their capability and expertise as a learning professional and facilitator.

Applicant's are undergo an assessment of capability against the L&D Capability Framework, career achievements, their practical experience and ongoing professional development.

CLP Certification demonstrates your commitment to Professional Development and the Learning and Development Industry and helps you stand out from the crowd.

CLP Certification

Certified Learning Professional (CLP) certification is based on an assessment of career achievements, practical experience and ongoing professional development.

To be successful the applicant must demonstrate their facilitation skills and how their learning initiatives have helped clients or their organisation achieve results. CLP Certification: ​

  • recognises capabilities, experiences and achievements;
  • identifies individuals achieving great results through their learning initiatives, and
  • provides quality assurance to existing and potential clients.

CLPs are acknowledged for their extensive experience and ongoing professional development.  Achieving CLP status grants you an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence to stand out with clients and employers.

For more information about the CLP Certification, please download the CLP Handbook at the bottom of this page or email us at members@ilpworldwide.org.

Who is the CLP Certification for?

CLP Candidates must:

  • have at least five years of related work experience,
  • have deep knowledge of, and experience applying, the principles of enhancing employee learning and performance,
  • be able to apply these principles and practices globally, across cultures and borders, and 
  • be able to demonstrate their success and/or impact as a learning professional. 

CLP applicants typically have:

  • extensive practical learning facilitation experience
  • hold recognised educational qualifications and accreditations
  • professional achievements in the learning and development field
  • exceptional learning facilitation and transfer skills, and 
  • a commitment to ongoing professional development.

CLP Eligibility

Knowledge of, and experience applying, the principles of enhancing employee learning and performance

Years within the L&D Industry or Related Experience
CPD Hours undertaken annually

Assessment Preparation

To ensure all CLP’s meet the required standards for certification, individuals undertake a three step process:

1. submit an application

2. provide evidence of your experience

3. demonstrate your capability at the assessment day.

CLP Assessments are held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Applications are assessed by members of the ILP Advisory Board and CLP Alumni.

Ongoing Recognition

To maintain CLP Status, individuals must submit a CLP Logbook each year outlining their professional development activities over the past 12-months.

The completion of the logbook demonstrates the individuals commitment to continuous professional development and the modelling of best practice.

Download the CLP Logbook 

CLP Alumni

These L&D professionals have earned their CLP Credentials and have these great things to say about it! 

Matt Mason

CEO & Founder Superb Learning

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bill Jarrard

Co-Founder Mindwerx Intl

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gabby Button

founder say it now!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Kerry Brocks

Gabby Button

Lucy Marles

Penny Curnow

Gerald Pauschmann

Peter Ferreira

Chris Ridler

Dennis Hall

Geoff Rip

Robyn Hargreaves

Carole Vacher

Stephen Hartley

Irena Yashin-Shaw

Kaye Kurth

Dr Cathryn Lloyd

Justin Bayliss

De Backman-Hoyle

Sally Foley-Lewis

Dr Dan Hill

Karen Schmidt

Maree Clancy

Matthew Mason

Todd O’Donnell

David Jackson

New South Wales

Brett Halloran

Michael Hann

Sally Gillard

David Jackson


Wayne Muir

Bill Jarrard

Jennifer Goddard

Western Australia

Dee Roche












Curious about becoming a CLP?

Download the CLP Handbook to learn more about CLP Certification and the benefits of becoming a CLP.