Certified Learning Professionals (CLP) is the master professional benchmark that sets highly skilled learning and development professionals apart in our industry.

This benchmark is given in recognition of individual’s proven capabilities, extensive experience, academic and vocational qualifications and/or industry accreditations, successful results and outcomes from their learning initiatives, and their ongoing commitment to professional development.

The Certified Learning Professionals (CLP) program:

  • Defines excellence in the learning and development profession and practical experience
  • Advances your knowledge with continued professional development and networking
  • Promotes the learning and development profession by recognising only qualified facilitators.


Application Criteria

Each CLP application will be assessed on the individual’s merits. To qualify, CLP applicants typically have:

  • Extensive practical learning facilitation experience
  • Hold recognised educational qualifications and accreditations
  • Professional achievements in the learning and development field
  • Exceptional learning facilitation and transfer skills
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
How Assessment Works

Certified Learning Professionals (CLP) certification is based on assessments of career achievements, practical experience and ongoing professional development.

To be successful the applicant must demonstrate their facilitation skills and how their learning initiatives have helped clients or their organisation achieve results.

Assessment Criteria Explained

1. Educational Qualifications

A degree or postgraduate qualification, together with a recognised training or facilitation qualification (e.g. Facilitation Passport). We recognise that people can enter the learning and development profession without these qualifications, so credit is given for completed qualifications in other disciplines and any learning and development studies undertaken.

In some circumstances, substantial experience can substitute for qualifications. However, in these cases applicants must demonstrate competence acquired through more than 10 years of specific practice.

2. Practical Experience

A minimum of 10 years learning and development experience is required.

3. Professional Achievements

Applicants are required to provide a resume of their professional achievements. Evidence of work done, results achieved and career highlights is sought. All claims must be independently substantiated.

4. Demonstration of Learning Facilitation Skills

Observation of the applicant facilitating a learning initiative.

Recognition & Benefits

CLPs are recognised for their formal and informal education, extensive experience, and ongoing commitment to professional development. The CLP benchmark:

  • Sets an industry standard of experience and competence in the learning and development profession
  • Encourages continual professional learning and development
  • Fosters a results orientated approach
  • Provides assurance of quality to prospective employers or clients


  • International recognition of competence in learning facilitation
  • A valuable point of competitive difference
  • A broader client base to grow your income, experience and expertise
  • Recognition as a CLP on ILP website and Member directory
  • Opportunities to present at ILP events
  • Use of CLP logo
  • Preference for ILP national and state roles
  • International recognition of competence in learning facilitation
  • Ability to judge ILP Australian Learning Impact Awards

Maintenance of CLP Regonition

All CLPs are required to maintain their professionalism by undertaking a minimum of 30 hours of professional development (e.g. professional development workshops, structured learning activities and informal activities such as research and readings), over a 12 month period.

This commitment, which is subject to random ILP auditing, fosters continued learning and development.

The CLP logbook will help keep a record of your professional development activities

CLP Fees

ILP Member $396
Non-member $746

The Non-member CLP Application fee includes an ILP Membership fee.

Prices include GST

Upcoming CLP Programs

Melbourne :  14th August 2017

Gold Coast : 27th September 2017

Need assistance?

Should you require assistance to complete your application, contact ILP on 1300 768 660 or email

How to apply for CLP Certification?

Download the CLP Form
Submit your application & wait for the approval confirmation
Book your spot


The following ILP Members have achieved Certified Learning Professional (CLP) accreditation providing them with deserved recognition of their commitment to professional development and the learning and development industry.
  • Kerry Brocks
  • Lucy Marles
  • Penny Curnow
  • Gerald Pauschmann
  • Peter Ferreira
  • Chris Ridler
  • Dennis Hall
  • Geoff Rip
  • Robyn Hargreaves
  • Carole Vacher
  • Stephen Hartley
  • Irena Yashin-Shaw
  • Kaye Kurth
  • Dr Cathryn Lloyd
  • Justin Bayliss
  • De Backman-Hoyle
  • Sally Foley-Lewis
  • Dr Dan Hill
  • Karen Schmidt
  • Maree Clancy
  • Matthew Mason
  • Todd O’Donnell
  • Brett Halloran
  • Michael Hann
  • Sally Gillard
  • Wayne Muir
  • Dee Roche




Gabrielle is a passionate and award winning facilitator who believes training should be engaging and practical, no matter what the topic.

Described as an “engineer of human and organisational potential” Gabrielle’s core focus in on developing the strategic and operational capabilities of managers in Australia and Internationally. She holds qualification in accounting, management, training and project management and has undertaken extensive studies and research in the field of understanding adult behaviour, the adult learner and goal achievement.

During her corporate career Gabrielle gained an excellent reputation for being able to take strategic vision and turn it into practical actions and outcomes. She also became known for her strong training, project management and trouble shooting abilities and her ability to seamlessly integrate all aspects of business and people to consistently achieve desired outcomes. Since 2002 Gabrielle has chosen to focus on her passion for training. To date, she has trained over one thousand managers and staff, and worked strategically with over 100 organisations – from start ups to multinationals, in Australia and Internationally.


Creative Corporate Solutions

Stephen has been delivering accredited and non accredited development, training, facilitation, assessment, mentoring, evaluation and consulting services in project management, leadership, business, marketing, training, risk, communication and personality profiling for the last 25 years throughout Australia and Asia.

He has designed and delivered in excess of 6000 workshops with delegates ranging from frontline operators through to executive management.

Stephen is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Creative Corporate Solutions.  He is a published author, and brings not only specialist expertise but also genuine interest in workplace learning and application. He combines academic, vocational and industry qualifications with currency, proficiency, specialist expertise and experience.