Setting Professional Industry Best Practice

By joining ILP, our Members agree to comply with ILP’s Professional Code of Conduct and acknowledge any breach may result in loss of ILP membership.

Our members agree to:

  1. Conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.
  2. Not knowingly make any statements that are untrue or misleading in any learning and development situation.
  3. At all times endeavour to recognise personal issues that may impair, conflict or interfere with their facilitation performance or my professional relationships.
  4. Not use any materials provided by clients for any other purposes other than which they are intended, unless written permission is obtained.
  5. Not become involved with any of their clients unprofessionally.
  6. Honour all agreements made with ILP in relation to client deliverables and service standards.
  7. Not intentionally mislead or make false claims about what their client will receive from their products or services.
  8. Not give to any ILP client information or advice they know or believe to be misleading.
  9. Not knowingly exploit any aspect of the client relationship for my personal, professional or monetary advantage or benefit.
  10. Respect the confidentiality of their client’s business and will not disclose any information pertaining to their business unless authorised by the client.

ILP Takes The Reputation Of Our Members Seriously

We would love to hear of those situations where one of our Members have exceeded your expectations. Also if for any reason your feel that one of our Members has breached our Code of Conduct please contact us immediately.

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