Producing relevant learning is essential but insufficient.  This program will give you over 120 effective strategies to improve the application of learning.

Clients and key stakeholders want the benefits of applied learning, not just the learning itself.  They want enhanced workplace performance and positive results!

Consequently, training effectiveness and credibility ultimately depend on the extent to which learning is successfully applied in the workplace. This program is based on an extensive review of 30+ years of research into the drivers of learning transfer, and will clarify the business case for addressing transfer and the essential levers for maximising on-the-job results.

You will learn about the barriers that prevent or inhibit transfer and key factors that influence learner motivation to put learning to work.  The primary focus is on how to integrate transfer of learning into program design and delivery using strategies that harness manager/leader involvement and strategies that directly influence learner behaviour.

“I cannot believe the amount of value I gained from this course.  Geoff is such a rich resource of knowledge and I worked away with so many amazing strategies to support my participants to apply their learning.”

Kerry Healey

10 CPD Hours


All ILP programs consist of four phases:

Phase 1: READY 
This phase comprises one or two simple preparation activities to help focus your initial learning and subsequent application.

Phase 2: SET
The one-day workshop will provide you with practical, research-based concepts and principles to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Phase 3: GO
Transfer of learning is essential to continue the learning process and obtain maximum benefits from the program.

This phase covers your application and exploration of the know-how gained during the workshop and concludes when you commence Phase 4.

Phase 4: SHOW
In order to complete the program and receive a Certificate of Achievement, you need to submit an achievement story.

This simply involves answering four questions about the learning you applied and what you gained from the experience.

The content of Designing for Transfer is based on a combination of international experience in helping organisations improve learning transfer and an extensive (and ongoing) review of literature relating to learning transfer and training effectiveness. The learning transfer database supporting this program includes more than 1000 research papers and articles relating to this need.

Key Components of the Workshop

  • Using the Transfer Barriers Checklist to identify areas of concern.
  • Factors that affect the ‘transfer climate’ and motivation to transfer.
  • Using the Balance of Consequences Model to analyse motivation.
  • How to significantly increase motivation to transfer learning.
  • The simple application of force field analysis to transfer of learning.
  • Two basic types of influence that every manager should use.
  • Strategies managers can use before, during and after learning events.
  • The contribution of these strategies to employee engagement.
  • The importance of the Training Effectiveness Triangle.
  • Moving managers from commitment and support to positive influence.
  • Practical ways of harnessing the power of management influence.
  • How transfer strategies leverage the application and benefits of training.
  • More than 50 strategies for directly influencing learning transfer.
  • Powerful transfer tools to bridge the workshop-workplace gap.
  • Creating a comprehensive, integrated transfer management design.

This program will stimulate and challenge your thinking about what it takes to maximise learning transfer and training effectiveness (and ROI). You will gain research-based knowledge of the barriers and drivers of learning transfer. You will also benefit from practical models and tools for increasing your influence and leveraging workplace performance through learning transfer.

Your learning will help you to:

  • Deliver greater benefits and value from training.
  • Provide a more effective service to key stakeholders.
  • Better support strategic initiatives, e.g. the creation of a learning culture.

Anyone responsible for procuring, designing, delivering, recommending or evaluating training. This program will benefit:

  • Instructional Designers
  • Training/Learning Facilitators
  • L&D and Human Resource Managers
  • Subject matter experts who are involved in training design/delivery
  • In-company change agents who design and facilitate change interventions

Geoff Rip
Research Director – Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP)
Bachelor of Business Science, MBA (specialising in Organisation Development)

Geoff has extensive experience in the provision of consulting and training services, both in Australia and overseas. He is well known for designing innovative and highly effective training programs and facilitated performance improvement tools/processes.Geoff’s research and designs have covered a wide range of areas, including critical thinking, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, facilitation skills, financial acumen, instructional design, leadership, learning culture, relationship building, service improvement, teamwork, and values alignment.

Some of his designs have been widely used by well-known multi-national organisations and his programs have a track record of producing outstanding results for clients.Organisations that have benefited from Geoff’s work include Bank of Melbourne, BIG W, CGU Insurance, Department of Infrastructure, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, BWS, Laing O’Rourke, Queensland Health, Queensland Rail, St. George Bank, Suncorp, and Woolworths.

Geoff is also Principal Consultant of Bottom-line Learning, which specialises in business acumen training. He has a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) and an MBA degree (with a focus on Organisation Development).


  • Content can be customised to ensure relevance to your organisational needs and situations.
  • Far more cost-effective than attending public programs.
  • Materials can be customised to incorporate your organisation’s branding.
  • Organisational situations are discussed in confidence.
  • Workshops can be delivered when and where you need them.


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How we ensure the success of the program?
  1. We meet with you (online or telephone) to identify the specific performance outcomes you would like to achieve from the program, and implementation process using our Ready, Set, Go, Show model.
  2. We assist you in preparing the participants to get READY for the program.
  3. The workshop component of the program is delivered; to SET the participants up with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the learning.
  4. Participants GO back to the workplace to apply their learning and learn from application. We will provide customised support to reinforce learning and increase the probability that the learning is successfully implemented.
  5. Participants capture their experience and SHOW what they learnt and achieved.
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