The ability to positively influence learners is fundamental to success as a learning facilitator. This workshop will clarify your ‘facilitation power’ and key sources of influence.

Particular emphasis is placed on influencing the variables that research has revealed are crucial to learner motivation and engagement. You will gain practical strategies for maximising learning by ‘stage-managing’ the learners’ experience.

Good teachers discover the natural gifts of their pupils and liberate them by the stimulating influence of the inspiration that they can impart.

Stephen Neill

10 CPD Hours

This programs consist of four phases:

Phase 1: READY 
This phase comprises one or two simple preparation activities to help focus your initial learning and subsequent application.

Phase 2: SET
The 4.5 hour workshop will provide you with practical, research-based concepts and principles to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Phase 3: GO
Transfer of learning is essential to continue the learning process and obtain maximum benefits from the program.

This phase covers your application and exploration of the know-how gained during the workshop and concludes when you commence Phase 4.

Phase 4: SHOW
In order to complete the program and receive a Certificate of Achievement, you need to submit an achievement story.

This simply involves answering four questions about the learning you applied and what you gained from the experience.

Facilitation Power

  • Types of Power
  • Use of Power

Influencing Learner Motivation

  • Influencing Motivation Before a Course
  • Practical Activity and Review
  • Influencing Motivation During a Course

Influencing Learner Cognition

  • Key Drivers of Cognition
  • Importance of the Key Drivers
  • Applying the Key Drivers


  • Content can be customised to ensure relevance to your organisational needs and situations.
  • Far more cost-effective than attending public programs.
  • Materials can be customised to incorporate your organisation’s branding.
  • Organisational situations are discussed in confidence.
  • Workshops can be delivered when and where you need them.


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What happens next?

We will email you a quote. If you are happy to proceed, then we can arrange a suitable time to discuss the successful implementation of the program.

How we ensure the success of the program?
  1. We meet with you (online or telephone) to identify the specific performance outcomes you would like to achieve from the program, and implementation process using our Ready, Set, Go, Show model.
  2. We assist you in preparing the participants to get READY for the program.
  3. The workshop component of the program is delivered; to SET the participants up with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the learning.
  4. Participants GO back to the workplace to apply their learning and learn from application. We will provide customised support to reinforce learning and increase the probability that the learning is successfully implemented.
  5. Participants capture their experience and SHOW what they learnt and achieved.
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