ILP provides a range of opportunities for people to collaborate and connect with like-minded professionals.

ILP hosts events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, in addition to regular online events to help people to connect, wherever they are.

If you would like to help coordinate events in your region, or you are interested in hosting or facilitating a session, please contact us on 1300 768 660 to discuss how you can get involved.  All help is welcome!

Here is how we help you to connect …

Australian Learning Impact Awards

Join us for a great night when we announce the Australian Learning Impact Awards (ALIA) winners, recognising people who have achieved outstanding results in 2018, through their role or learning initiatives.

Annual National Conference

The 2018 Learning Success Blueprint Conference brings together the best in our industry and beyond to share their knowledge, experiences and lessons with L&D professionals.


L&D Professionals Meet-ups

These Meetups are an ideal way to keep up-to-date and discuss key trends and their impact on your local L&D community.  Hosted by an ILP Fellow and CLP Members, to connect, share, learn to discuss current trends and challenges we face.


Join our ILP Twitter Chats to collaborate with others and share your thoughts about a specific topic of interest.  Held every month, Twitter Chats are a great way to join the conversation and share your ideas.


On The Learning Couch

Join us for our regular Panel Chats with industry guests where they will share their perspectives on current trends and the future of learning.


Member Directory

Showcase your profile and help clients and peers to find you.

Collaborative Chats

Join us for an interactive Q&A chat, sharing research and tips to help L&D professionals. Collaborative chats provide a great opportunity to engage with and learn from industry peers.

Fellow Masterclasses

As an added value for our Fellows, ILP will be hosting quarterly Fellow Masterclasses, open to our Fellow and CLP level members.

These masterclasses offer the opportunity to connect and share with other thought leaders. Keep up-to-date with what’s new, meet other Fellow/CLP members, or to discuss business challenges.

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