ILP is passionate about the evolution of the L&D industry.  As L&D professionals, we recognise the importance of continually reviewing and assessing our own capability and acknowledging potential blind spots or gaps.

To help our members understand their strengths, we have developed The Learning and Development (L&D) Success Framework (the “Succes Framework”).

The Succes Framework captures the skills and behaviours that L&D professionals require for long-term success within the industry. The Succes Framework includes six dimensions, and defines the core attributes, which our experience and research have shown, are critical for success as a L&D professional. Each dimension includes several supporting capabilities.

capability assessment ILP

We recognise success as a L&D professional is a journey from foundational skills through to mastery.

Through this Framework, we have provided capability and action focused behavioural statements for each to assist with the identification of your own level, and resources to support your development.

The behaviours outlined at each stage provide a baseline for each stage of your career. The behavioural descriptors, supported by our self-assessments and development plans, are designed to provide you with a benchmark and a guide for your future professional development.

Professional Attributes


  • Value Diversity
  • Continual Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
Strategy & Planning

Strategy &

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Planning
  • Learning & Transfer Strategies
Design & Develop

Design &

  • Design Learning Solutions
  • Develop Learning Pathways
  • Design Materials
Execute & Deliver

Execute &

  • Delivery & Learner Preparation
  • Manage Learning Engagement
  • Facilitate Learning
Evaluate & Feedback


  • Courageous Consulting
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Finance & Budgeting
Business Smarts

Evaluate &

  • Measure Program Effectiveness
  • Evaluate Learning Impact
  • Review Performance

Supporting Your Journey

Supporting the Succes Framework are a range of Development Guides which provide action focused steps to support your learning pathway. The digital version of the Guides include links to ILP Member resources, including videos, white papers and research articles, and courses that may support your progress.

Contact our Membership team to learn how to access the Guides.