These interactive and informative (and free) events are extremely popular and seats fill up fast.

Bill Jarrard in Melbourne, Gerald Pauschmann in Brisbane and Louise Kelly in Perth invite Industry Professionals to the couch for an interview and Q&A session on a range of interesting topics.

Driven by the needs of the audience, our On the Learning Couch hosts extract stories, hints, tips and gems of knowledge from the ‘superstars’ of the L&D Industry in a relaxed interview-style session.

It’s like having our very own Oprah and Graham Norton shows!

Join us for a fun night where you’ll have opportunities to make great connections, ask questions and share your knowledge throughout the event.

If you’re in other states, you’ll be able to access the videos and podcasts after the events… and soon we’ll be video-streaming so you can be a part of the action!



Institute for Learning Professionals
17 Gould St
Herston, QLD 4006

February 7th, 5:30-8:30pm

Jenni Walke from Team Management Solutions will guide you through the latest trends in the world of Learning and Development and challenge your thinking with a little something outside of the box.


Dimension 5 Hub
10 Dorcas St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

February 16th, 5:30-8:30pm

Con Sotidis is a master at using social media for learning, and in this On the Learning Couch conversation he will share his thoughts on what learning professionals, particularly those in HR and L&L roles in organisations, must be doing in 2017 to engage people in learning through the use of Social Media.


Dimension Data
11 Dorcas St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

March 29th, 5:30-8:30pm

Cyriel Kortleven is an international speaker, trainer, and author based in Belgium, and will be visiting Australia in March, and the ILP in association with the Creativity Exchange Network (CEN) is pleased to advise we will have him On the Learning Couch on 29 March.


Institute for Learning Professionals
17 Gould Rd
Herston, QLD 4006

April 24th, 8.45am-5.00pm

ILP is proud to host a FREE trial workshop, presented by Dan Hill covering the often-misunderstood topic of Learner Engagement.

Dan has developed this workshop using current neurological research into memory and retention, as well as recent finding is the use of action learning and emotional intelligence in education leadership.

As this is a trial workshop and is a single day course (does not include the second day, where participants would be asked to present using the various skills and knowledge imparted in Day 1, combined with their own experience) participants will be asked for honest professional feedback on the workshop.




Institute for Learning Professionals
17 Gould St
Herston, QLD 4006

April 27th, 5:30-8:30pm

Register now and don’t miss out on joining us for this complimentary seminar by Cameron Nott, Managing Director and Psychologist from CPP Asia Pacific, where he will share:
  • Examples of tried and tested assessments and development methods which have been found to provide the psychological insight necessary for developing leaders and high performance talent in a global workplace.
  • A multi-staged process for building self-awareness by incorporating world-renowned assessments that measure personality preferences, interpersonal behaviours, emotional intelligence and 360-feedback.
  • Case studies that demonstrate how to integrate multiple assessments, feedback and experiential learning methods to develop the talent of today and the future.



How do I get management buy-in? Listen to the podcast as Gerald interviews Lucy Marles and Geoff Rip

The culture of coaching.

Gerald Pauschmann interviews Dr Geoffrey Abbot of QUT University.

Find your juicy profitable niche.

Gerald Pauschmann interviews Robyn Simpson.

Neuroscience – unlocking your thinking.

Gerald Pauschmann interviews Leonie Newton and Linda Ray.

The State of Play for Learning Practitioners in WA.

Louise Kelly interviews Gary Martin (CEO and Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia).

L&D Challenges for 2016.

Kerry Brocks (ILP), Dr Dan Hill (Spec Training), Gabby Button (Achiiva) and Geoff Rip (ILP).

Hints and tips to structure the first 15 minutes of your session.

De interviewing Sandi Givens and Leanne Faraday Brasch.

The common challenge faced by L&D professionals – moving their training expertise online!

Gerald interviews Matthew Mason (Chief Learning Architect with Superb Learning).

Are you clear on the roles of Organisation Development and Learning and Development?

Sandi Givens interviews De (the tables were turned).

How to start up a business?

Gerald interviews Dennis Hall (Direct Dialogue).

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Gerald interviews Dr. Ben Palmer (Genos International).

How to create the right learning space for Gen Y & Zs?

Gerald interviews Karen Schmidt (Let’s Grow).

Sam Russell of Rhodes Business School and James Hanson from Cardno on ‘How well do you really know your clients?’

How do you recover when things goes pear-shaped during your training program – with Joshua Knight from Facilit8ed.