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Since the inception of the Institute of Learning Professionals (ILP), we are pleased to have partnered with Parmia Insurance to offer highly competitive insurance protection to members specifically designed for our Industry, and flexible enough to cover the many activities our professionals are involved with, including Facilitators/Trainers, Consultants, Mentors/Coaches, Speakers, Educators/Tutors/Lecturers, Assessors/Advisors; Human Resources Specialists, Learning and Development Professionals.

Many of you may have received correspondence directly from Parmia advising of their acquisition by a large American Insurance Broker named AJ Gallagher, and having spoken to Danny Gumm, principal of Parmia Insurance, I am convinced that not only will the Insurance Benefits offered to our members be maintained, there are exciting additional insurance benefits which may be negotiated for our members.

“I want to assure all members of ILP that Parmia Insurance continues to operate exactly as it previously did, with same highly competitive facility and broad policy wordings, supported by our award winning team. The decision to join AJ Gallagher, as one of the world’s largest Insurance Brokers, was to have full access to their extensive array of services, which we hope to bring to every ILP member” Danny stated.

The ILP Worldwide facility has proven to be a mainstream benefit of members in bringing realistic insurance premium costs to an Industry which was paying excessively for the actual exposure it attracts. “Parmia Insurance saw an opportunity to work closely with ILP to address this inequity through its direct relationship with Lloyd’s of London, and we will continue to review this moving forward to ensure the benefit not only is maintained, but improved”.

Danny  has advised that at some stage in the near future, it is likely that Parmia Insurance may rebrand to maximize its advantages in being associated with such a large organisation with such a large array of resources, but in the meantime it will continue to trade under Parmia Insurance. Danny stated “We are proud of what we have achieved for the Industry to date through such a wonderful organization as ILP, and we look forward to continuing to evolve in maximizing benefits with AJ Gallagher going forward.