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elnet logoElNet is the national network for individual professionals working in the e-learning industry in Australia.  Their primary focus is the impact of web-based technologies in workplaces to improve individual and organisational learning and performance.

For ElNet, e-learning embraces self-paced learning, online distance learning, virtual worlds or games, facilitated live delivery and web-based knowledge sharing, as well as various forms of blended and informal learning.

Elnet will be working with ILP to create blended learning solutions using web-based technologies to improve individual and organisational learning and performance.


Circulus-Logo-v2 for use on partner websiteCirculus Education are digital education specialists who help organisations to improve their learner outcomes and grow their business. Circulus provides organisations the support in transitioning their learning models and thinking in order to become competitive and successful in today’s digital education space.

They are partnering with ILP to educate learning and development professionals around implementing innovative trends, contemporary practices and technologies into their learning initiatives.