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We all know that really engaging your participants isn’t as easy as some people might think. There is no switch that you can just flick to guarantee they are paying attention.

It could be that you are fighting the invisible enemies of apathy or even the less invisible enemy of outright hostility… which can creep through a room if the participants see the session as unnecessary or are fighting change.

Gerald Pauschmann from Point TV will host this session and be joined on the couch by Dan Hill who will look at the theories and drivers behind actively engaging your learners and Matthew Mason, from Superb Learning, who will discuss about online learner engagement.


Organised by Institute for Learning Professionals

May 17th, 9.30am to 10.30am

Who’s really running your training business?

Is it you, or is it your clients, your team or everything else including email?

For many ILP members, they often find themselves confused, frustrated and overwhelmed because there are so many things they are juggling as they run their own training business or manage their training department within their organisation.

As a result, they feel like they’re doing lots but getting nowhere.

If this sounds familiar, then I invite you to join me for an ILP webinar on Wednesday 17th May when, as part of celebrating Queensland Small Business Week, I will have a chat with RTO and Small Business Consultant and ILP Member, Tamara Simon.

She is the Simple Systems Specialist known as The BSi with over 20 years experience in business improvement across many industry sectors including vocational education and training.

As a Speaker, Author and Problem Solver, she is all about solving problems and finding opportunities as she helps small businesses and RTOs build simple systems so they can grow.

With a strong OD background as well as having worked in and with many RTOs and written the first business book for RTOs, I’m keen to hear her insights as to why things can sometimes go off the rails and more importantly, how do we get them back on track so we’re not only saving time and money but get our lives back.


Organised by Institute for Learning Professionals

Rendezvous Hotel Sydney Central
Sydney, NSW 2000

May 30st, 7 am-9.30 am

Flipped Classroom

ILP is proud to host a FREE event, presented by Christine Migliore talking about Flipping for increased delegate engagement – how is it relevant in adult education?

In this session, Christine Migliore will introduce:

  • the relatively new educational strategy called Flipped Classroom that is now being incorporated in schools, colleges and universities;
  • as well as tools and tips for it utilisation
  • ideas on how it can drive learner engagement

Attendees can share their own experiences on this concept, or ask questions of those who have ran flipped sessions.

Register to join us on Tuesday 30 May 2017 at Rendezvous Hotel Sydney Central.









Institute for Learning Professionals
17 Gould Rd
Herston, QLD 4006

May 31st, 5.45pm-7.30pm

An informal face-to-face event where ILP members come together to ask questions, share insights and learn from each other.

This collaborative learning environment encourages attendees to tackle challenges, share experiences and generate ideas together.

There is no set agenda, just like-minded professionals discussing and focusing on relevant and current topics of interest.

Register your interest today to join us on 31st May 2017, 5.45pm at Institute for Learning Professionals, 17 Gould Rd Herston 4006 QLD.



Institute for Learning Professionals
Dimension5, 10 Dorcas St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

June 15th, 5.30 pm -7.30 pm

Want to connect with and get inside the thinking of your potential L&D clients or just need your organisation to benefit from the design and delivery of world-class L&D programs?
If so, this is a MUST ATTEND event where Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP) will bring a panel of senior L&D executives to their Learning Couch to talk about What’s important to organisations today in terms of Learning & Development?
With CPD points available to attendees, this will be an open, interactive session so If you are an Organisational L&D Professional or an external L&D Professional, come and share your insights and experience.
Click below to register now to join us at South Melbourne for this discerning event.