The Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP) is a leading industry body for learning and development (L&D) professionals in Australasia. We believe anyone who works with people to enhance their performance, capability or change behaviour are learning and development professionals.

We are committed to leading the learning evolution in order to raise the benchmark and standards across the L&D industry. We believe the L&D sector has an important role to play in developing sustainable, learning-focused organisations, and together, we can deliver so much more than is currently being offered. 

Working with L&D professionals and organisations from across the globe, we are supporting new research into learning methodologies, the development of the L&D industry standards, and promote the development of new and innovative techniques. 

Through our wide range of benefits and resources, we support L&D professionals to:

  • – Achieve success (with their career or business)
  • – Build Capability
  • – Connect and collaborate

We represent over 4300 L&D professionals – and growing – across Australia, New Zealand, and other international areas; as well as the wider L&D community. We support a diverse range of L&D professionals, both independent and corporate as well as Registered Training Organisations.

We are committed to providing our members with value and support in all areas of their L&D career, and partner with a range of associations to ensure we remain the best value industry body in Australasia. We facilitate the growth and value of the learning and development industry and professionals for today and the future. In essence, we share your passion and desire to create a highly valued and respected learning and development experiences.

Meet Kerry Brocks, ILP’s Founder and CEO, as she explains the reasons for starting the institute and shares her passion for learning and development.

Creating Impact Is Something We Are Passionate About

So much so, we are committed to impacting:

  • Our members (you’d expect that)
  • The people our Members work with (you’d probably expect that too), and
  • People we are never likely to meet (that’s perhaps a surprise)

This is the reason ILP contributes to the work of the B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) program.

We Impact Our Members

We’re here to provide you with the tools, the training, the information and the support to create a positive impact in your working world. By joining forces with ILP, you are making a difference to your future by continuing your development today.

Our Members Impact Their Colleagues

By being exceptional professionals in your field, you create a positive impact in the world of the people you work with – you support their growth, help them achieve their goals, improve their performance and enhance business results.

Together We Impact The World

This is the ‘unseen impact.’ It is powerful, it happens automatically, every day in very small ways… and it happens because of YOU! 

We believe success on any level brings with it a social responsibility to provide to those living in less fortunate environments around the world. Business has the power to change everyone’s lives – so we take action and make that change happen.