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Technology Tasters

Technology is shaping and defining the world in which we live. It also provides great opportunities to improve, enhance or differentiate how we operate our businesses and deliver training. Through our Tech Taster series of virtual events, we will explore the functionality of different pieces of technology, looking at the solutions they provide.

In these monthly series, we look at how we can enhance the online learning experience, bringing micro-learning and an instructorled training to life. We look at a platform that can provide an immersive learning experience, moving away from traditional “click next, next, yawn…” elearning or passive virtual sessions.

We have made all our previous recordings available here for you. If you wish to register for our next Tech Tasters, click on the link below.

Previous Recordings

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Continuous Learning in the Workflow

Why it Matters, How Curation Helps, How to Make it Happen with The Tools Your Teams Already Use.

Modern workplace learning means going beyond fixed and formal courses. We need to support learners to help them find what they need, collaborate efficiently and put it to use.

And we need to do it continuously to keep them up to date.

This means thinking differently about how we curate, collect and provide relevant content for our teams.

Are the best tools for workflow learning and collaboration already in your organisation? In this session we’ll explore

Why continuous learning in the workflow matters

  • What it means in practice for learning professionals, and how to become curators
  • How to make the best use of Slack, your LMS and other tools to drive continuous learning
  • How to easily curate recent and relevant content to support learning in the workflow