our impact

Creating Impact is something we are passionate about

So much so, that we are committed to impacting:

  • Our members (you’d expect that)
  • The people our Members work with (you’d probably expect that too), and
  • People we are never likely to meet (that’s perhaps a surprise)

Here Is How


We Impact Our Members

We’re here to provide you with the tools, the training, the information and the support to create a positive impact in your working world. By joining forces with ILP, you are making a difference to your future by continuing your development today.


Our Members Impact Their Colleagues

By being exceptional professionals in your field, you create a positive impact in the world of the people you work with – you support their growth, help them achieve their goals, improve their performance and enhance business results.


Together We Impact The World

This is the ‘unseen impact.’ It is powerful, it happens automatically, every day in very small ways… and it happens because of YOU! 

We believe success on any level brings with it a social responsibility to provide to those living in less fortunate environments around the world. Business has the power to change everyone’s lives – so we take action and make that change happen.


Here is an Example of How We Give

Embedded in your ILP membership, is a gift to someone you will never meet. This is our gift from you to support education across the globe.

Just by being a member of ILP, attending events or participating in our programs, you are automatically giving the gift of education to someone in the world.

  • Every time someone joins ILP, we kick start an education for 33 children in Cambodia.
  • Every time someone renews their membership, we lend 50 library books to children in Cambodia.
  • Every time someone attends one of our events, we provide 20 bricks for a school building in Nepal.
  • Every time someone enrols in one of our programs, we give two children access to a learning hub in Australia.
  • And every person who attends our national conference automatically provides three children access to a study centre in India.
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